DJ Chuck Spencer

Master of Ceremonies


DJ Chuck Spencer

One of the factors that make a great entertainer is "life experience." Most people want to know that their emcee has been around the block and seen and experienced as many things as possible. It makes the DJ more worldly and able to relate to so many more things. No one on the Act 1 Entertainment staff has more life experience than Chuck Spencer. In his 4 years in the Marine Corps., Chuck has traveled all around the world serving our country admirably. He will always be one of the few, the proud, the Marines. As far as DJ experience, Chuck has been in the entertainment industry for over 27 years, and has performed at over 2,000 events. Chuck is known for his attention to detail, excellent speaking voice, along with hosting fun interactive games like Dinner Trivia, and being able to become a friend almost instantly to everyone that he meets. Having grown up with eclectic parents, Chuck has a knack for knowing what guests of every age want to hear. You'll find that by the time the last song is played, Chuck will feel more like one of the family then a hired vendor.

Contact Chuck at 989-714-3711

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